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We get hundreds of phone calls, emails, social media messages and website enquiries every day. The most commonly asked questions we receive are answered below for your convenience. Still need to ask a question? No problem. Use our Contact Us form for the quickest reply.

Home Broadband
How Does BlueWave Broadband Work?

We install a small communications dish (roughly the same size as a Sky dish) on your property pointing towards one of our wireless communications masts. You will need to own the building or have permission from the landlord for us to install our service.

Do I need a Phone Line?

No. Our service is completely wireless and does not require a landline. Should you wish to retain a home phone capability, we also offer BlueWave Home Phone for 6 extra per month (only available on our UltraBand package) which includes unlimited local and UK landline calls.

Where is it Available?

The service is available Island wide, with a few exceptions. Please contact us if you're unsure.

Is Your Service Affected by Weather?

No. Like Freeview TV and radio, our low frequency microwave network is unaffected by weather conditions.

How Fast Will it Actually Be?

The speeds available using our wireless broadband network depend on many factors including time of day, the activities of other users (both sharing your connection and other customers), the content you're accessing and MOST importantly, how you're connecting (Wi-Fi or ethernet cable). If speed is the primary factor motivating your choice of ISP, then this product may not be for you. Our service delivers high-quality connectivity to people for who'm VDSL is not an option.

Are There Any Download Limits?

No. Life's for living not for limits so all of our broadband products are entierly, 100%, unlimited.

Switching to BlueWave
When Should I Cancel with my Existing ISP?

Please feel free to give notice to your existing ISP once you have an installation date from us. However, it is extremely important that the service IS NOT cancelled before the day of installation. This is because there is no guarantee that our service is available to your specific property until the engineer has activated the connection. We will not be liable for any downtime or re-connection charges incurred if this advice is not followed. If you're unsure, please contact us on 640620.

What's a MAC Code?

A MAC code stands for Migration Authentication Code and is used to switch between old-fashioned landline based broadband providers who are reselling Manx Telecom's network services. As a completely independant provider, you do not need a MAC code to switch to or leave our network. That saves time and hastle but also means you can have two providers live at the same time should you wish.

Do I Get a Static IP?

Not with our home connection products. Please see our range of Business Broadband connections for 20:1 contention, priority fault resolution and a static IP.

Can I Use My Own Router?

Yes. We support any PPPoE capable ethernet WAN router with a 10/100 or 10/100/1000 auto-sensing ethernet WAN port. DSL routers (those with a phone line socket) are not compabile with our service.

How Can I Test My Connection?

Unplug all devices except a single, modern computer. Disable ALL Wi-Fi devices and then, connected via Ethernet cable only, browse to http://speed.bwc.im/. iPads, iPhones and other handheld devices without an Ethernet port will not accurately report your connection speed.

What WAN connection type should I use?

Our network uses Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet or PPPoE for short. This connection type is supported by the majority of Ethernet WAN routers on the market and all of the models we supply. You will need your broadband username & password, which are available from My BlueWave or by calling our help desk on 01624 640 620 within office hours.

What is the Contract Length of Your Broadband Services?

All our home and business broadband packages have a minimum 18 month contract term. Cancelling before this time will result in a final bill being raised for all rental charges (including broadband & telephone services). When you place your order online, you will have to agree to our standard Terms & Conditions including this contract term. Customers joining by phone are emailed these terms and conditions of service. All users have a 14 days cooling-off period to cancel their order but only before installation has taken place.

Why Is My First Bill Different?

All bills are raised on the 15th of each month and are due for payment on the 1st of the following month. Because we bill everyone on the same day, we will need to adjust your first bill to take into account a) the amount you've already paid and b) the amount of time from when your connection was activated until the 15th of the month (pro-rata). This has no effect on the cost of the service.

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