Wi-Fi Zones

Wi- Fi Zones


Our Wi-Fi Zones™ platform presents unique opportunities for partnerships in several different ways. From offering Wi-Fi in your venue to advertising on our global footprint of hotspots, however we work together one thing is assured; our unwavering commitment to customers satisfaction backed by the very best network. Wi-Fi is what we do, it's in our blood. So partner with the Island's leading Wi-Fi operator today.

Wi-Fi In Your Venue

We offer a completely managed service for venue owners to offer their customers access to superfast Wi-Fi internet. As the Island's leading Wi-Fi provider, you'll be in excellent hands. We provide and manage all aspects of the service (including the broadband connection to your building) as well as a monthly digest on how the service is being used.

Whilst your customers benefit from increased productivity and satisfaction levels, you'll benifit from increased customer loyalty and a deeper insight into their habits. As well as collecting information for marketing purposes, our platform also enables you to offer promotions and discounts in your venue. Deliver content just to your own venue or schedule adverts to appear over our entire Wi-Fi network.

It's important to remember that offering Wi-Fi to your customers should always be done in conjuction with a licensed communications provider. By using our service, you're protected from the actions of your users (such as illegal downloads) and information required to indemnify the venue operator is collected as part of the service.

Running an unencrypted wireless network without these protective measures can leave the venue owner liable.

For more information on becoming a partner venue, please Contact Us.

Advertise With Us

Our Wi-Fi network is used by thousands of devices every week. That represents a golden opportunity to display targeted marketing information accross our network. As the majority of our network is pay to use, free access can also be enabled for partner websites allowing potential leads to bypass the requirement to pay for access to your website. This drives traffic levels to your site through the roof and allows you to engage with your customers in new ways.

As well as static banner adverts, we also offer the ability to deliver streaming video content over our dual-band 3x3 802.11n network in all locations. Our network supports location based services via a comprehensive partner API, allowing targeted advertising based on specific locations, areas or even customer demographics.

For more information on becoming an advertising partner, please Contact Us.

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