Broadband Coverage

How It Works

Because our broadband is delivered wirelessly (like your TV and radio signal), your property will need to be located within our network coverage area in order to receive our services. The map below is a computer generated coverage map based on the most accurate terrain data available. It's important to note that it does not take account of other buildings, trees or other non-terrain based obstructions. For this reason, it should be considered a guide only. There is no guarantee we'll be able to connect you until you've placed an order (select your package here) and an engineer has visited your property during installation.

Coverage Map

Types of Coverage

The map above shows three separate colours. The type of service you can receive will depend on which area of the map your property falls into.

Light Green: Services up to 100 Meg Dark Green: Services up to 40 Meg Blue: Maximum 10 Meg (extra setup fees may apply)

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