Wi-Fi Zones

Wi- Fi Zones


Wi-Fi Zones™ from BlueWave Communications, is a fast and convenient way to get online at popular locations around the Isle of Man and beyond. Use our next generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi network to connect your laptop or portable device to our high speed Internet backbone anytime day or night. Choose from our simple range of Pay & Go or Pay Monthly access packages.

Note: This product is NOT our Home Broadband. Please see here for details on our great value landline-free broadband.

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Just like with your mobile; you can use your Wi-Fi Zones account at more than 10,000 hotspots world wide. We have an extensive collection of Wi-Fi roaming agreements in place meaning you can use your account abroad just like you would at home. Remember roaming usage is charged at higher rates than whilst at home. Be sure to check tariffs and information before you go.

Fully Compatible With:

Blackberry® Sony PSP® Nintendo DS Nintendo Wii iPod Touch® iPhone® Wi-Fi VoIP Wi-Fi Laptops
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