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No Landline? No Problem!

We all need broadband to work, rest & play but for many people on the Isle of Man, traditional broadband just doesn't deliver due to the distance they live from the fixed-line network. Step forward BlueWave Broadband, an innovative product that cuts out the landline and delivers fast or super-fast broadband through the airwaves direct to your home. All this is backed with award winning customer service.

Who It's For?

  • Budget conscious home users needing fast or super-fast access to the Internet without a landline
  • People too far from the exchange to receive quick broadband or current users of satellite/dongle based broadband
  • Anyone requiring unlimited telephone calls to local and UK landlines
  • Users worried about running up bills, or going over usage limits


Broadband Basics UltraBand Business Revolution
10 MBit/s ↓ 1 MBit/s ↑ 40 MBit/s ↓ 5 Mbit/s ↑ 100 MBit/s ↓ 10 Mbit/s ↑
50:1 50:1 20:1
Dynamic Dynamic Static
£19.99 /month £29.99 /month £120 /month
£199 one-off £199 one-off £350 one-off
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Subject to survey

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This is only available as a business package - please contact us for more info

The Not So Small Print

1 Excludes premium hotspot locations including the Steam Packet vesells.
2 Users wishing to make frequent heavy use of BitTorrent, file-sharing or other heavy activity may wish to consider alternative options.
3 We employ active traffic management on our broadband network to keep everything operating quickly for everyone. It's only fair that we don't let the activities of a handfull of users affect the performance for everyone.
4 Package speeds are maximums obtainable at off-peak times. Service speeds can and do fluctate by design. It's important to understand the difference between our service and others which may be more suitable.

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