Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical Support

Wi-Fi Zones™ has been designed to be easy to use from the ground up. It works with virtually any Wi-Fi enabled device without the need to change any settings. If however you experience any problems, please review the information below relating to your device.

If in any doubt, please Raise a Support Ticket.

Wi-Fi Enabled Laptops

1. Ensure the network SSID of your wireless adapter is set to "Wi-Fi Internet Zone".

2. The IP address of your wireless network adapter should be set to Automatic or DHCP.

3. Your computer should be set to automatically obtain DNS Servers.

4. Your firewall software may prevent you from joining our network. Please consult your software vendor for details on how to resolve this.

iPhone & Android

Connecting your mobile device to our network should be a simple, hassle free process. If however you are unable to connect please first try restarting your device. It's important to remember that handheld devices often have a smaller antenna and lower power output than a laptop. This means coverage may not always be available when indoors or far away from our network.

Still need help?

No problem. We're here 24/7 to support our customers. To get help please login to your account and Raise a Support Ticket.

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